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Aspire textiles, a well-renowned textile manufacturer in Coimbatore established in the year 2019. We provide 3 business verticals within our facility: yarn, fabric & sizing. Since our inception, we have delivered high-quality products to our clients. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we supply the best yarn & fabric across the globe.

Our core objective is to achieve customer satisfaction. With the dedicated efforts of the team, we emerged as the most trustful textile manufacturing company in Coimbatore. We offer customizations under different categories like Carded Yarn, Combed Yarn, Vortex Yarn, Viscose Grey Fabric, Cotton Grey Fabric, and PC Grey Fabric. We are producing our textiles complying to meet the Indian as well as international quality standards.

Our Production Capacity



Tons of yarn


2 Crore

Meters of fabric



Tons of sized yarn

We manufacture Yarns & Grey Fabrics

Aspire textiles serve as a one-stop solution for all your textiles products. The success of our company in the textile industry lies in its credibility, reliability and efficiency. Aspire can take up bulk orders and deliver at the stipulated time. We never compromise on quality! We are committed to producing environmental-friendly products at cost-effective prices. With 100% dedication, we are looking forward to expanding our business landscape in various countries shortly.

  • Yarn

    Aspire spin the yarns you love
  • Fabrics

    Aspire weaves of your choice
  • Sizing

    Aspire spun yarns to high quality warp beams
Machine Make
Swift Floc LMW
Unimix LMW
Flexiclean LMW
Machine Make
Card LC361 LMW
Machine Make
Drawframe LDB LMW
Drawframe LDF LMW
Machine Make
Vortex 870 EX Muratec
Machine Make
ZAX 9200i Master Tsudakoma
Machine Make
72" Inspection System Vibrant

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